Residence University Las Palmas – Rates

Accommodation for the academic year
Monthly (7% IGIC Included)
Single room Double room
Without subsidy Accommodation 624,19 € 544,92 €
Total 624,19 € 544,92 €
With ULPGC subsidy Accommodation 416,13 € 363,28 €
Total 416,13 € 363,28 €


  • Prices quoted are per person and month.
  • Some Island Regional Governments provide students a subsidy to pay their accommodation. Please, check if you can benefit from it in your Island Regional Government.
Short term accommodation
Per person and per day in single room (7% IGIC Included) Price
Per day 20,40 €
Monthly 611,95 €
Per person and per day in double room (7% IGIC Included) Rate
Per day 17,81 €
Monthly 534,24 €

The monthly residence payment includes single or double rooms and cleaning services. Food is not included; therefore each resident should cook and buy their own food in their kitchen’s floor or visit some of the restaurants around. Other services depend on their availability so they will be offered when it is possible and when it is deemed appropriate. If we include new services they will follow the same rules. They are not considered as apartments for rent and monthly payment is paid by direct debit payment in advance.