New access control to the University Residence of Tafira Campus

In order to improve security and privacy in the University Residence of Tafira has installed a new system of access to the internal dependencies in which it will be necessary to prove the membership as resident or worker of University Residences. This accreditation will be realized by the presentation of the ULPGC Intelligent Card in the access panels of certain doors of the building.

Visits must be registered at reception and they will receive an identification card that they must return upon leaving the residence.

Access to the dining room for residents of other university residences, as well as visitors and other general public, must be done through the outer door of the same, which is reached through the entrance of the sports courts. To facilitate the entrance of the public by this way we have installed new signage in the exteriors of the building.
We hope that the installation of this new access system will result in greater security, privacy and coexistence of all residents in the University Residence of Tafira and all users of the dining room