Residence Tafira Campus – Location


C/ Practicante Ignacio Rodríguez S/N, CP: 35017
Campus de Tafira

Coordenadas 28.079205, -15.452630
Teléfono 928 451 149
Fax 928 459 001
Correo electrónico
Whatsapp 655 316 009

How to get

It is located at the Tafira University Campus, near ULPGC faculties in the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It is a fantastic location as you can enjoy clean air and calm, without giving up on the benefits of living near the city. Moreover, there are sports facilities, university library, etc.

There is excellent transportation between Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Tafira University Campus.

For visitors that arrive for the first time in the island, there is a bus available from the airport (line 60, GLOBAL) to Las Palmas the Gran Canaria city that lasts approximately 25 minutes. Its last stop is the bus station. You can take line 328 (GLOBAL) from there which goes to Tafira University Campus, and you can also find a lot of information about bus lines, bus services, routes, etc.

If you arrive to the port of Las Palmas the Gran Canaria, then you must take line 26 (Santa Catalina – Campus Universitario) or line 1 of GUAGUAS MUNICIPALES. You must stop in San Telmo Park (bus station) and take line 328 (GLOBAL). There are also different lines that allow you to go from the residence to several places of the city at different times (lines 7, 25, 26 and 48).